Severe storms bring down power lines, electrocute man

NEW MILFORD, Conn. (CNN) – In Connecticut, a driver was electrocuted during a powerful storm Tuesday after a falling tree brought electrical wires down on his car.

Splintered, cracked and damaged tree parts litter the streets of New Milford, CT after severe thunderstorms downed hundreds of trees.

“The wind picked up it just started sideways rain, everything. Then I just heard the snap and crackle and then boom,” Frank Turchiano said.

When one of the trees fell on this winding road, it also brought down electrical wires and a transformer.

Police say it all landed on top of this car, killing the driver, a 49-year-old New Milford man.

“The vehicle caught fire and the wires energized the car so when the victim attempted to escape the car he was electrocuted at that time,” Lt. Lawrence Ash said.

According to Connecticut light & power, the storms knocked out electricity to nearly 2-thousand New Milford customers. As a result school was canceled for all grades.

Work was also canceled for some residents so they could clean up.

“Tuesday’s storms were so powerful this nearly 200-year-old tree was ripped out of the ground and sent crashing onto a nearby house.”

A scene repeated all over town including here at this doctor’s office.

“From the trunk up it fell on top of the building and was laying across the building. It smashed in the roof creating a gaping hole with water coming straight down, now I have an idea how strong nature can be,” Dr. John Turchiano said.

Investigators from the national weather service were sent to assess the scene and determine what exactly caused this deadly damage.

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