New solar panels in MA to power 3,000 homes

Photo: Thinkstock

ORANGE, Mass. (WWLP) – The Town of Orange is going to be buying renewable energy from a new solar power plant in Warren.

This solar array, developed by the energy company “first wind,” will go online in the next couple weeks and will help power town facilities and school buildings in Orange, as well as UMass Lowell and the UMass Medical Center in Worcester.

It’s the state’s second largest solar power plant with 57-thousand solar panels built on 90 acres of land that was an abandoned nine hole golf course.

John Lamontagne of First Wind Energy told 22News, “It’s clean, it’s completely renewable, it doesn’t require fracking, drilling, anything along those lines. And it’s inexpensive. It’s becoming very inexpensive for the consumer. It’s clean and cheap.”

The solar panels will provide enough energy to power 3-thousand homes. The Town of Warren also benefits, receiving 130-thousand dollars per year in tax payments.

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