Mail clusters could be the future

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Many of you get your mail every day by walking to the end of your driveway, but financial problems at the post office are forcing the government to consider eliminating door-to-door delivery.

A Congressional committee passed a bill that would end delivery to your door, and start putting in mail clusters in neighborhoods across the country.

“Now that I think about it I would miss just reaching out the door and grabbing my mail, you know? so I mean this is closer than a lot of people who are out on the street, mines right here, I would miss it after a while,” said Chicopee’s James Turconi.

It is all about saving money, the government estimates ending door-to-door delivery and setting these up could save them four and a half billion dollars a year.

The plan would be to phase out door-to-door delivery to homes and businesses over a ten year period. Unions worry it could lead to layoffs and some people question the benefits.

“They would have to supply the mailboxes themselves so that would cost money, I mean it would save money on fuel for the mail trucks but they would have to pay for the mailboxes and everyone pays for their own mailboxes so it wouldn’t even out in my mind,” said Chicopee’s David Kida.

However, not everyone thinks the idea is so bad, West Springfield’s Tom Kolb says it’s an opportunity to be social.

“I enjoy it to some degree because it’s a meeting place really for us in this neighborhood,” he said.

It’s unclear if enough lawmakers will support the proposal that would impact everyone, however the U-S postal service has already started setting them up in new developments.

If it goes through, this would impact 15 million doorsteps.

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