Keeping your gadgets safe in the sun

NEW YORK (CNN) – We bring our smartphones and tablets just about everywhere these days. But the beach and the pool can present some unique summertime hazards for devices.

Thanks to their portability, a lot of smartphones and tablets will log time near the sun and sand this summer, but a day at the beach or pool can pose some hazards for gadgets.

There are a number of waterproof cases on the market, but lacking that accessory, consumer reports says a plastic bag can protect a device from sand and water in a pinch, while still allowing you to use touch-screen functionality.

Also keep devices out of direct sunlight, they can easily overheat. Don’t leave them in the car either, it’s best to keep that device with you, and in the shade.

With so much personal data now stored in smartphones and tablets, don’t leave them unattended.

In the event of a beach or pool mishap a device that’s taken a dip in the water can sometimes be salvaged by sticking it in a bowl of dry rice, ASAP. Pull out the battery first, if possible.

A gadget that’s logged with sand can benefit from cleaning with a can of compressed air.

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