Emotional pain lasting longer than tornado damage in Monson

MONSON, Mass. (WWLP) – This Sunday is June 1st, marking the three year anniversary since the tornado that tore a forty mile path across western Massachusetts.

Monson residents told 22News they’re proud of their rebuilding efforts, but they also believe they’re not completely back yet.

Many of the houses damaged during the tornado have been completely rebuilt. While there are lots of new homes, there are also lots of new trees.

Most of the area used to be completely forested, but now the views are still virtually unobstructed. While a lot of the buildings have been repaired, some people told 22News the emotional pain remains.

“It’s not only a physical thing, it’s a mental thing. There’s still kids that are dealing with complicated psychological issues putting themselves back together and not knowing how to deal with thunderstorms,” said Sheri Langford from Monson.

The damage isn’t just trees, we did find a few buildings either untouched or under reconstruction since the tornado.

As we get closer to the three year anniversary of the June first tornado we will continue to look in on various communities and how they’re recovering.

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