Study: Highest number of red light violations on Memorial Day weekend

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP)– Holiday weekends mean more cars on the road.  22news found out that more traffic means more drivers breaking the rules of the road.

Traffic lights tell you when it’s safe to go and when you have to stop and wait your turn, but drivers don’t always follow those rules.

Young driver, Brianna Griffing, told 22News that’s not only scary but bothersome, “Especially if you’re turning left or something and then they just keep plowing through and you get a green arrow and they just don’t stop, then you have to wait for them and you loose your light… it’s frustrating!”

The National coalition for Safer Roads conducted a study in 20 states last year.  They estimate more than 3.5 million drivers failed to stop at a red light when they were supposed to with the majority of those violations happening on Memorial Day weekend.

The coalition warns drivers that running a red light is not only dangerous for the other cars on the road but can also be a hazard for pedestrians and for people on bicycles as well.

The research shows 8,500 people died in intersection-related car accidents in 2011.

The study found, drivers were most likely to run a red light on a Friday and the most common time of day, was between 1 and 5 P.M.

Andrew St. Amond, from Windsor, Connecticut told 22News he wasn’t surprised at those findings.  “Yea, everybody’s had a long week, they’re just trying to get home and they just don’t care.”

The study also found the fewest red light violations occurred on Halloween and on Sundays.

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