“MindUP” program helps students focus

Photo Courtesy: MGNonline

(CNN) – The school children you see in the video above are taking a brain break. They’re practicing mindfulness, or the ability to focus.

It’s the cornerstone of a program called “MindUP.”

Connor Hoffman, a student, said, “We’re not worried about anything, because we’re just focused on breathing.”

“MindUP” founder and creator, actress Goldie Hawn, collaborated with neurologists to create the curriculum. Hawn believes that when children calm their minds and better understand how their brains work, they can then better handle their emotions.

According to Hawn, “We felt that teaching them about their brain and you can really move it how you want to by thinking about things long enough, that they would feel more optimistic. And then realizing that an ability to be optimistic opens the brain up and children can learn better.”

“MindUP” weaves learning about the brain into the lessons. We need to learn about our brains, amygdale passes information to the prefrontal cortex.

Basalt Elementary in Colorado is one of the thousands of schools that have adopted “MindUP” over the past 10 years.

The principal credits the program with rising tests scores and empathy levels among students; building resilient focused students. Brain breaks and brain knowledge to help build resilient kids.

For more information on the “MindUP” program Click Here.

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