From mafia enforcer to candidate for governor?

DETROIT LAKES, MN (WDAY) – He’s a humble man now…”Pretty much doing our job, trying to change our past.”

But he’s got a record. “My favorite weapon of choice was a baseball bat. If you didn’t succumb to what the family wanted or if you owed us money, I was the one sent in with a baseball bat to hit people.”

Brian Duvall-Gambino, a McDonalds employee and messianic Jewish rabbi in Detroit Lakes says he grew up in the mafia and now wants to be Minnesota’s next governor.

“I’ve been labeled as the next Jesse Ventura.” Duvall-Gambino says he was involved with drug trafficking and sex trades, among other crimes.

He’s even got the scars to prove it. “I was actually shot in a gang shooting in 1996. I do have three bullet wounds in my stomach.”

He admits it’s colorful story for a little-known candidate who’s going up against some big names. “We need change in Minnesota.”

While he may seem like the underdog, political experts say that his story of his past might help when it’s time to vote.

“It’s attention getting, and for someone new to politics, some of the toughest thing is getting name recognition.”

Then there’s the question of how can a man with a high crime background even be a candidate? “There’s not a lot that can hold you back.”

So come November, he says you’ll see his name on the ballot. “Pulling people off that lifestyle and giving them hope.”

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