Failed robbery attempt at an Enfield mall

ENFIELD, Conn. (WWLP) – Like Father, like son; an Enfield jewelry store owner is being credited with fighting off a would-be robber, not long after his father did the same thing in Chicopee.

The Furnari family is feeling lucky everyone’s okay. You might remember surveillance video of two men attempting to rob Furnari Jewelers on Memorial Drive in Chicopee.

Anthony Funari fought back, and the robbers were caught. Now, about a year and a half later, his son is telling a similar story.

“He demanded, he said I want your gold chains and at first I thought it was a joke but then he lifts up his shirt where I can see a pistol and he says I want all your gold chains and diamonds now,” Joe Furnari said.

Enfield police say 42-year-old Jeffrey Hluchnik tried to rob Furnari Jewelers in the Enfield Square Mall Sunday morning using a realistic looking air pistol.

Store owner Joe Furnari says he handed over gold chains and when he showed the suspect where his diamonds were, he saw an opportunity.

“His face, his attention went off of me, and went onto the diamonds, his face just lit up like he hit the jack pot and I knew at that moment, that was my opportunity to take some action and defend myself,” Furnari said.

Furnari knocked him out and pinned the suspect down until police got there, you can still see the suspect’s bloodstain on the carpet.

Furnari said he yelled for help right after the robbery started and some people in the mall heard him. They ran outside to the parking lot where there happened to be cops waiting. The suspect required hospital treatment.

Furnari’s father Anthony also fought back when he was robbed in Chicopee. Joe says he wasn’t sure it would’ve ended well if he didn’t act. “You know, he told me he was going to kill me. I know plenty of times jewelers, beg for their lives and get shot anyway after they give them everything. I knew I had to fight back.”

Enfield police say the suspect, Jeffrey Hluchnik is still in the hospital. He’ll be charged when he gets out.

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