Alcoholic drinks being sold on Instagram

NEW YORK (PIX11 NEWS) – “Phrosties” is an extremely strong frozen drink that is sold and delivered over Instagram.

Only approved followers of the account are eligible for purchase and delivery; meaning to your front door or in a public area.

The concept is nothing new to LaTrina Palmer. “I live in Philly and people do that around there so it’s known for ordering drinks from Instagram.”

There have been similar cases in the past of “Nutcrackers,” frozen drinks being sold in parks during the summer months around Washington Heights.

“Nutcrackers” in the neighborhood have also been featured with the rapper Pitbull in a YouTube clip.

However, Earnest Campos, owner of Cabrini Wine and Spirits says that although they may look tasty, the fact remains that these drinks are, “illegal. You cannot sell that in the state of New York.”

In fact, now the state is looking into the boozey slushies. In a statement to PIX11 News, Bill Crowley of the state liquor authority says that, “the SLA is looking into the illegal sale of this unregistered and potentially dangerous alcoholic drink by an unlicensed business.”

Potentially dangerous because consumers are unsure of what really goes into every drink. Campos says, “Every bottle that I sell has the volume of alcohol that is has in there. So if you don’t know what you have in the package you might end up drinking more than you think you’re drinking.”

And again, what makes the operation even more intriguing is that all of the business is being done via Instagram.

To which Manny Gomez, a former NYPD and FBI agent and also the President of MG Securities says ultimately could involve federal investigators. “This is on the internet and it does involve interstate lines. The cyber division of the FBI could certainly get involved.”

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