Summer driving safety tips

(CNN) – The Memorial Day weekend was just the beginning. The summer vacation season will soon be in full swing and for many Americans, that will mean road trips.

For many, the summer months are when the rubber really hits the road. Driver safety isn’t only crucial on the highways. It starts before pulling out of the garage, and doesn’t simply end when the vehicle is in park.

Some tips from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

Before taking off, give tires a check for proper inflation and tread wear, something that should happen once a month. Bad tires can lead to flats and blowouts. Well-maintained tires can boost fuel mileage, saving money.

With the children out of school for the summer, keep them safe by double-checking that car seats and booster seats are properly installed, especially when heading out on a long road trip. A certified technician at a local car seat inspection station can check that, usually free of charge.

Children should never be left alone in the car, even if the windows are partially open. Leaving children in hot cars during the summer months can lead to heatstroke or, in the worst cases, death. Summer can also change the day care drop-off routine for parents, so always check that no-one has been left behind.

Finally, NHTSA also reminds drivers about the perils of driving after drinking. According to their statistics, drunk driving fatalities spike around the summer holidays.

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