Protesters voice concerns about Pilgrim Nuclear Plant

(WCVB/CNN) – Protesters voice concerns Monday about the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant in Bourne, Massachusetts. They say if there is a nuclear emergency, everyone on the Cape would be trapped.

“If there was a meltdown you would have chaos.”

At the Sagamore Bridge people from across the Cape and Islands are once again raising safety concerns about Pilgrim Station, the nuclear power plant in Plymouth which is less than 12 miles away. Their message? No escape from the Cape.

The current emergency plan calls for people from the Cape to shelter in place to reduce traffic congestion as people off Cape evacuate. After that, relocation of Cape residents could happen. They call it a trap.

“We call shelter in place sit down, shut up, and eat your cesium. It’s not protection.”

The demonstration against Entergy Corporation, Pilgrim’s owner, as well as the regulatory commission FEMA and MEMA was organized by a group called Cape Downwinders, but they say a nuclear emergency could affect anyone in a 50-mile radius.

“The Nuclear Regulatory commission has two emergency planning zones. One is the inhalation pathway zone around Plymouth; the second is the ingestion pathway zone that goes out to 50 miles. So we call ourselves downwinders. If the wind is blowing this way and the plume comes here we’re stuck. But actually if the plume goes north, Boston is at the same risk as Cape Cod is.”

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