Spfld. schools recognized for providing breakfast for kids

BOSTON (WWLP) – For children in low income families, simply eating can be a struggle, but some Springfield schools are making sure kids eat their breakfast every morning.

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, but for kids in low-income families, eating isn’t always an option. Six Springfield schools were recognized for making sure their kids eat a healthy breakfast every morning.

Students at Elias Brookings Elementary School in Springfield start their day with 45 minutes of exercise before eating a free breakfast in the classroom. Teachers told 22 News that the program helps all students, not just ones in low-income families.

Joe Trivisonno said, “At our school, we found that it’s the perfect pump or primer for the day. It really gets them focused and the energy out and well-fed with a nutritious breakfast, and it’s a really great start to our morning.”

For children eager to learn, these free breakfasts can help them pay attention in class, improve their memory and lead to better grades in school.

Four school districts in Massachusetts participate in the program. If more schools offer breakfast in the classroom, it could bring in more than $20 million dollars for school districts.

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