Experts test a pressure cooker bomb

(CNN) – With less than a hundred dollars and access to the internet, you can build a pressure cooker bomb, but learning how is not the point of this story.

CNN commissioned bomb experts at a testing facility in New Mexico to build and detonate a pressure cooker bomb.

At the remote desert testing ground, experts from new mexico tech replicate and explode bombs used by terrorists.

Van Romero, Vice president of the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, told CNN “Well, you’re always worried about copycats. More and more people going to be using this.”

In the wrong hands we already know how deadly pressure cooker bombs can be.

“Instead of nails, we filled the pot with nuts from a hardware store. Shot out like bullets…they pierced plywood. Some even melted from the heat.”

Reporter: How fast were these things moving when they went out of there?

Romero: They can travel a thousand, two thousand feet a second.

Reporter: A second? That’s faster than sound.

Romero: Right. They’ll move faster than the speed of sound. These things will actually get in front of the shock wave. And hit you before the pressure wave does.

Reporter: You’re hit before you even hear it.

Romero: That’s right.

Engineers studying this blast say there’s a lesson in here for first responders.

Reporter: Say I’m a first responders. What do I need ot be aware of when I come up on a scene like this?.

Romero: Well, there’s a lot of shrapnel around. It’s very hot. It’s very sharp. You could easily cut yourself. There could be unexploded ordinance, parts of the bomb that are still left over, that didn’t explode when it was supposed to explode, that could go off at anytime.

But for potential bystanders, out of this demonstration there are only words of caution. By the time you hear the boom, you could already be hit.

Awareness of your surroundings could be the only defense.

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