Keeping a relationship strong through conflict

NEW YORK (CNN) – All couples disagree from time to time, but knowing how to work through conflict can help keep the relationship strong.

Sometimes our relationships seem as turbulent as those in the sitcom, Modern Family. However, if we disagree in a healthy way this can help keep us together but it takes a lot of work.

“Look at conflict as a way to say, how can we come up with new solutions? You know, what do i need to learn, what do i need to give here?” says Dr. Mark Crawford.

Being selfish or being right doesn’t get you much, instead try to overlook faults and forgive. It’s worth it because good relationships can help keep us healthy.

“Mortality rates are lower for people who have clear, established, meaningful relationships. Your spouse is going to be on you, you know, you need to stop smokin,..don’t eat that, don’t drink so much, go to the doctor,” says Dr. Crawford.

And when the going gets tough, “It’s very easy to let the things that bug you about the other person take center stage, so you really need to remind yourself on a continual basis, these are the things that i admire, appreciate, probably take for granted,” says Dr. Crawford.

Remember to make time for the activities you enjoy together.

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