How to (and how not to) display the U.S. Flag

AGAWAM, Mass. (WWLP) – As we prepare to observe Memorial Day on Monday, a decorated veteran told 22News about ways we can properly honor the Stars and Stripes.

Veterans Services director Tom Belton told 22News that many young people are not taught how to properly respect the American flag.

Here are a few tips about proper display:

  • The flag should never touch the ground
  • Old Glory” should never be used as clothing, or as part of a costume or athletic uniform
  • The flag should never be draped over the hood of a car
  • Do not use the flag to carry or hold anything
  • The flag should be allowed to fly freely- it should not be drawn back, held up, or put into artificial folds

“The United States of America’s flag represents a living country, it’s got life to it. When you desecrate the flag you’re desecrating your country,” Belton said.

Many people will be visiting and honoring their lost loved ones this Memorial Day at the Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Agawam. Belton believes placing flags at veterans’ graves is one of the highest uses of the Stars and Stripes.

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