Feedback unlikely to make a difference for RMV fee increases

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Expect some new RMV fees beginning in July. MassDOT is holding several public meetings about these increases. 22News reveals if your voice can make a difference.

In July expect a $10 increase ($50 – $60) for two year passenger car registrations, $15 increase ($20 – $35) for license applications and a $6 increase ($29 – $35) for inspections.

“With the economy with the way it is, do a little one every couple years so people won’t think wow that’s a lot of extra money¬† out of my pocket,” said Denise Tortoriello from Feeding Hills.

The MassDOT Board of Directors approved these RMV fee increases in March, but MassDOT is still going to hold a public hearing in Springfield on Tuesday, May 27th.

“It is very unlikely there will be a change, but it’s always possible,” said Sara Lavoie, MassDOT Deputy Communications Director.

Springfield’s meeting Tuesday will be at the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission.

“I think they should have gotten public comment before they decided on doing this,” said Darlene Pereira from Southwick.

Lavoie told 22News after state lawmakers required MassDOT to raise more money upfront, there just wasn’t enough time. She said, “This is not the most logical chain of events, it’s different from how the public is used to interacting with MassDOT.”

Lavoie says the feedback they receive now could be used to decide about any potential future increases. The extra money they’ll make will be invested into roads, bridges and to improve safety.

Tuesday’s meeting is at the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission at 60 Congress Street in Springfield from 6pm-8pm and you can also send in written comments, that information is below.

MassDOT also encourages the public to provide written comments by mail or email during the comment period. Written comments may be mailed to: MassDOT Legal Department, Regulations, RMV, 10 Park Plaza, 3rd Floor, Boston, MA 02116. Emailed comments may be sent to: The comment period will close on Tuesday, May 27, 2014.

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