Dog continues to recover after being thrown from car

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Thomas O’Connor Animal Control Center in Springfield continues to care for a small dog that was thrown from a car on Wednesday, and now the dog’s owner is trying to re-claim her puppy, named Porter.

This one year old, 7-pound male schnauzer mix suffered a broken leg and perhaps more serious injuries when he was run over by the rear tire of the car he was thrown from Wednesday.

Lydia Martinez said she owned Porter for 9 days before he ran away on Tuesday. She told 22News she wants her dog back, but she can’t afford the medical bill in the hundreds of dollars.

“I can’t get the money,” said Martinez. “I wish I could; I could make payment plans and pay it all off.”

Animal Shelter Veterinarian Dr. Lauren Atkins told 22News that much of the medical bill came from basic care such as rabies vaccinations that the injured dog’s owner never took care of.

Dr. Atkins said, “What we’d like to see is some evidence of previous responsible ownership. We would have to take on a lot of that preventative care that hasn’t been done with the dog.”

Dr. Atkins said the dog is still being evaluated. His injuries could be more severe than a broken leg.

The law enforcement arm of the MSPCA is still looking for the driver responsible for the animal cruelty.

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