9 pawn shops violate Springfield’s new ordinance, city says

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Springfield is enforcing its new Pawnbroker Ordinance, resulting in fines for six pawn shops, and three that couldn’t renew their licenses.

The Mayor’s Office said Springfield police began compliance checks on all 23 licensed pawnbroker/junk-dealer establishments in the City after the ordinance took effect at the beginning of March.

Springfield Police Commissioner William Fitchet said that police conducted the undercover compliance check in March, and 14 businesses were found to be in compliance, but nine of them were in violation.

“We feel that those businesses should be regulated very stringently so that they can’t take stolen goods, and they can’t inhibit Police Officers from doing a very thorough investigation in order to recover the goods,” Fitchet said.

Nine were found to be out of compliance:

The Springfield Police Department recommended fines for five of the above establishments, ranging $300-$900. Under city ordinance, establishments can be fined $300 per infraction.

Three establishments, K&L Exchange Pawn, Unlimited Pawn and Oldies from the Estate, were cited for buying or selling items stolen in housebreaks. The City has refused to renew their licenses.

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