Women rally at State House for equal pay legislation

BOSTON (WWLP) – More women are holding powerful positions, but they still don’t earn as much money as men doing the same job.

Massachusetts ranks 37th in the nation when it comes to equal pay, and it’s hurting women and mothers who struggle to provide for their families. Women earn just 77 percent of what men in the same position would make, an issue that makes supporting a household very difficult.

Senator Gale Candaras, of Wilbraham, told 22News “There are women who are working to hold onto their homes! There are women who are working to make sure that their families has health care! There are women working to make sure their children can go to school and have food and clothing!”

Women gathered at the State House in hopes that Massachusetts will join the 24 other states in the country that have passed equal-pay laws.

“I know that the emotions for these women and for these families is running on high because when women don’t thrive, neither do their families, which means that there’s an adverse affect on our communities.” said the Status of Women Commission’s Denise Hurst.

It is hoped that making pay equal among men and women would boost consumer spending, lower poverty levels and reduce the need for government assistance. Maine is the only state in New England that has passed an equal-pay law.

These Women hope to make Massachusetts the second New England state to mandate equal pay.

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