Special needs children rally against bullying

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – 150 students from a half dozen Holyoke schools participated in their 3rd Annual “Rise and Shine” Olympics on Wednesday.

Some of these special needs kids told 22News that they had to deal with being bullied at school.

Sarah Cavanaugh, a Holyoke High School freshman, said, “They would always pick on me because I was smarter, and they thought they were better than me, but no one’s perfect, no one’s better than anyone.”

“It was terrible when I was in middle school; I got bullied by two boys. It was embarrassing for me, we should put an end to it,” said Yamil Acosta, a Holyoke High School freshman.

140 students took part in sports activities designed to help build their self-confidence.

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