Police: Suspect says she “blacked out” before punching girl at game

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – 22News found out new information on the assault on a 14-year-old girl at a youth league baseball game. 22News discovered the woman admitted to punching the teenager.

After police failed to identify the woman who punched a 14-year-old girl in the face at a youth baseball game at Kennedy Field Monday, 22News requested the police report. Police charged 22-year-old Aissa Garcia of Holyoke with misdemeanor assault.

“Walk away because this is a little child. How are you going to hit a little child in the face because she’s staring at you? I’m just shocked,” said Sadie Smith of Holyoke.

When Holyoke Police Officer Patrick Leahy arrived at the game, the report says Garcia had already driven off. She went to the police station where she admitted she did it, in a fit of rage, in which she said she blacked out.

22News spoke with Holyoke Little League Coordinator Bob Lestowski. He said he supports sigs reminding parents the games are just for fun and shouldn’t be taken serious. He said while he believes this incident didn’t have any direct connection with the game, the sign at the field might serve as a reminder to parents for future games.

Officer Leahy’s brother, Holyoke City Councilor James Leahy, told 22News he proposed these signs be installed everywhere kids play games.

“I hope parents will look at these signs and think twice before they start calling, yelling, at their children but yelling at other children as well, you know children only learn from their parents,” Leahy said in a phone interview with 22News.

A former youth baseball player said this is something new.

“Games got a little crazy sometimes, you know, coaches got a little wild but for the most part, parents were good, maybe times are changing, maybe people are more competitive now,” said Alex Serrazina, who played youth and high school baseball.

The signs are expected to be installed around Holyoke in the summer. Holyoke Police Captain Denise Duguay told 22News Garcia was not arrested. She is charged with a misdemeanor assault and battery because an officer didn’t witness the attack and she didn’t use a weapon.

Holyoke Police are not releasing the names of the 14-year-old girl or that of her family members to protect their privacy.

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