Holyoke PD: Woman punched girl in face at baseball game

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – A criminal complaint is being filed against a woman who allegedly punched a 14 year-old girl in the face at a youth baseball game in Holyoke.

Capt. Denise Duguay told 22News that the incident happened at a game at Kennedy Field on Lincoln Street Monday evening, which was attended by several dozen people.

The suspect, 22 year-old Aissa Garcia of Holyoke, will be summonsed to court on an assault and battery charge at a later date.

According to a police report obtained by 22News, the suspect told police the girl and her family were staring at her loved ones, and she had “blacked out” and punched the teen.

On Tuesday, Holyoke City Councilor James Leahy asked that signs promoting civil behavior during baseball games be placed at all ball fields across the city.

The signs, which Leahy proposed last year and were unanimously approved by the City Council, read:Holyoke Baseball Rules

  1. These are just kids
  2. This is a game
  3. Coaches are volunteers
  4. Umpires are human
  5. You do not play for the Red Sox

In a news release sent to 22News, Leahy said that there has been an increase in aggression by parents and spectators at games.

“This is supposed to be fun for everyone involved, and a lot of times these games become hostile,” Leahy said.

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