Difference between using sea salt and table salt

NEW YORK (CNN) – Sea salt is showing up in kitchens throughout the U.S., but are there any advantages to using this instead of the table salt most of us know?

If you like to cook like Micah Wedemeyer you may have tried sea salt, “You get a salt shaker out and grind the salt out over whatever you’re cooking,” said Wedemeyer.

Is one type of salt healthier than the other?

“Sea salt and table salt are basically different in the taste, texture and the processing. Their health differences are not that different,” said Dr. Sharon Bergquist.

They both contain comparable amounts of sodium. Sea salt comes from the evaporation of sea water. It looks like little crystals and contains some natural minerals stripped out of table salt.

“On the flip side table salt contains more iodine because since the 1920’s we’ve been putting iodine into table salt to avoid iodine deficiency, goiter or thyroid problems,” said Dr. Sharon Bergquist.

However, eating a healthy diet will provide all the nutrients you might otherwise be missing by choosing one salt over the other. The type of salt you reach for really comes down to personal preference.

“Those small amounts of minerals do change the flavoring slightly as well as the color slightly so a lot of gourmet chefs actually prefer the sea salt,” said dr. Sharon Bergquist.

Micah doesn’t really notice the difference in taste, for him sea salt just makes cooking more of a hands-on experience.

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