Mosquito season to soon begin

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The ticks have been out for awhile but we’ve gotten a bit of a break to the start of Mosquito season.

Get ready for lots of mosquitoes in the coming weeks. Mosquitoes breed in standing water like ponds, lakes and puddles. With May, the third month in a row with higher than normal rainfall, there’s plenty of standing water around.

However, standing water is not enough for mosquitoes to multiply; they also need temperatures consistently in the 70s or 80s during the day, and nights that are warmer than we’ve had lately.

Bob Russel, an Entomologist, told 22News, “We’re a little behind than last year temperature wise and water temperatures are about 5 degrees below where they were last year at this time, but with those lower temperatures the development has slowed a bit.”

When water and air temperatures are cool, insect metabolism slows and they don’t develop as quickly. Entomologist Bob Russell expects that as we get closer to mid June, warmer temperatures and an abundance of standing water will lead to a lot of mosquitoes.

Spraying insect repellant with deet on your skin will help prevent bites, but you might want to hire professionals to treat parts of your property to keep the mosquito population down.

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