How to avoid marketing manipulation

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It seems as if the thrill of a Black Friday bargain is no longer limited to the day after Thanksgiving — or even that weekend leading up to Cyber Monday. Steep sales are available all year long, and retailers want you to know it.

“Especially in the summer. Victoria’s Secret bathing suits. One and done. I enjoy going to the mall but when it comes to suits they get shipped to my house in two days I always do Victoria’s Secret. Love groupon. Groupon is great,” said Jessica Shular from Westfield.

Whether it be hand delivered by the mailman, an email in your inbox, or a daily offer on a discount app, Americans are bombarded with can’t-miss deals all day. But in an effort to save on a bargain, many end up spending on items they don’t really need.

“I fall for anything that has to do with food or family time. The way things are these days you have stretch your buck as much as you can. Sometimes you might spend money on clothes you don’t need and then the next week you need that money you spent,” said Jose Roman from Westfield.

22News is working for you with ways to stay focused when spending:

    • Keep a list of items — articles of clothing or things for your home — you actually need. When you’re tempted to buy, if it’s not on the list.. remove from cart.
    • Don’t keep your credit card on file, which making buying as quick as blinking.
    • Don’t fall for ‘time is running out’ offers
    • Hold on to those receipts for any spending slip-ups

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