Employers hiring less union and full-time workers

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – A sign of an improving economy is employers are hiring again, but economists say the types of jobs they’re filling might not be good in the long term.

Employers are hiring more part-time and contract workers than full-time workers or union workers. Economists say that’s concerning because these jobs don’t tend to offer job security.

A contract job means the employee does a job and is done. That impacts fields like computer programming and manufacturing. Janitors, security officers and food-service workers are also affected.

Andrew Marchev, who has many part-time jobs, told 22News, “I can understand we’re all tight for money; you don’t want to hire someone full time if you don’t have that money. But I feel like in the long term, if we can bite the bullet, it would be really beneficial because then the economy does better.”

These types of workers are attractive to employees because they don’t have to pay for their health insurance or benefits, just their hourly pay.

Economists say permanent, full-time workers pay back into the economy more than contract or part-time workers.

The number of contract workers has doubled since the 1980s. Economists predict they will become even more popular in the future.

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