Ten year anniversary of gay marriage in Massachusetts

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Saturday, on this, the 10 year anniversary of gay marriage being legal in Massachusetts, a same-sex couple took their vows in Holyoke and 22News was there.

It’s a day they thought would never come. Jeffrey and Juan Anderson-Burgos pronounced husband and husband.

Surrounded by family and friends, they tied the knot at the chapel altar of Holyoke’s United Congregation Church.

“Just when I was beginning to walk down the aisle, that when the whole feeling came over me and seeing everyone standing and taking pictures. The magnitude of what I’m beginning today, it’s just overwhelming,” said Jeffery Anderson-Burgos.

They met at a gay bar in Northampton. Originally planning to get married last October, they bought a house, postponed the wedding and didn’t initially realize the significance of the day.

“We’re only half way there. So if we can get the story across to other states, then its a battle worth fighting for and I absolutely love today,” said Juan Anderson-Burgos.

Jeffrey and Juan were married by Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse, himself an openly gay man. Mayor Alex Morse of Holyoke was awarded this special one day license to officiate by the Governor.

Mayor Morse told 22News, “Massachusetts really led the way in starting this conversation nationally and now we find there are almost 20 states in the nation where same sex couples can get married.”

Jeffrey and Juan told 22News they look forward to their life together…and will never forget the day they said “I do.”

“Love is really just love.”

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