Weddings: Here comes the bill!

(NBC News) A recent American Express survey about weddings in America found 67 million of us plan to attend at least one wedding this year, more if you’re younger.

With the typical wedding now costing the bride, groom and their families about $30,000, the survey found guests are forking over a lot more, too.

“As a wedding guest you’re going to spend almost $600, at this point is the estimate, to go to the wedding, to get the gift, basically all of the things you would do as a guest,” explains CNBC’s Kelli Grant.

That’s 75-percent more than what wedding guests were spending just two years ago, mainly because of the rising popularity of destination weddings.

“Everyone’s having to travel more for these weddings,” says Kelley Long of the National CPA Financial Literacy Commission. “They’re getting more and more extravagant”

Both Long and Grant suggest you start planning and putting money aside as soon as you hear a couple is engaged.

“Maybe consider trying to go in with other guests to lessen the costs of things like transportation or even a big gift,” Grant advises.

They say consider sharing a hotel room with other guests and use reward points for rooms, as well as flying, to save money.

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