People are getting ready to do some planting

HADLEY, Mass. (WWLP) – Earlier this week it felt like summer with sunshine and temperatures up near 90 degrees. The cool and damp weather has returned but that didn’t keep some people from heading over to the Hadley Garden Center to pick out the plants they’ll be putting in their gardens very soon.

Even though the weather has been warming up you still might want to wait a little while before you put those plants in your garden.

“Maybe the last frost is Memorial Day Weekend or the end of May some people go by the last full moon of the month but this year just because things have been a little odd we’re having people hold off you can’t just go by the calendar what ever you did the year before,” said Tom Giles the owner of Hadley Garden Center.

Giles says your safe planting perennials but as far as tender vegetable plants go you may want to wait because they need warmer soil to get growing.

Some people 22News talked to are going to wait just a little bit longer.

“We won’t start our vegetable garden until the end of May anyway usually Memorial Day we put all of that in due to where we are in Sturbridge we’re so high so it is cooler,” said Dee Howe of Sturbridge.

If you’re planting right now you should be prepared to cover your plants up or bring them inside just in case we get another frost.

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