Managing Anxiety and Stress About College!

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – For many students and parents, making the transition to college can be stressful! Many students and parents are unsure how best to handle the everyday stress and anxiety that comes with it. Jeff Londraville, Author of ‘The Filter’ shared tips to make it easier.

Anxiety and Stress about College

1. The best college is the one that fits you.Stop comparing yourself to others.
When you compare your life to others, you are giving up your power. Everyone is on a different path. People have wins or hardships at different points in their lives. People have difficulties they don’t share. You might think others have it better, but you don’t have the full story. It can be easy to compare your life to others with social media showcasing what everyone is doing at every minute of the day (and usually people post about the good things!), but I have an easy trick to take your power back.
Next time you begin to compare yourself to someone else, tell yourself this: “I only compare me to me.” And switch your brain back to focusing on you. Only compete with yourself to be a better you or have an improved life. How can you be a better you?

2. Don’t disregard gratitude.
Gratitude is the secret to a happier, less anxious you. When you focus on what you have instead of what you don’t have and take time to relish in all the good things in your life, you can’t help but feel good. When you practice gratitude, you start training your brain to scan for all the wonderful things about your life and doing so improves your mood little by little.

3. Make sure you aren’t going around trying to please everyone else while sacrificing your wants and needs.
It isn’t selfish to set boundaries, say no when you need to, and lead the kind of life you desire. You aren’t good to anyone else if you’re running on empty.

4. Forget perfect.
Perfection is elusive and not obtainable. Pursuing perfection sets you up to feel defeated. Accept that you’ll have days that are far from perfect and learn to laugh at the funny things that go wrong at exactly the wrong time. Life is so much more enjoyable when you expect it to be flawed and fabulous than roll out in some tidy perfect order. Let go and enjoy.

5. Connect with other people.
If you struggle with anxiety, you may not feel like putting yourself into social situations or being around other people, but isolating yourself socially is the worst thing you can do. Connecting with other can help you realize that everyone has struggles and people are there for you. Isolation can make a negative mood worse. See a friend, call a family member or just smile at strangers passing by. Connection can give you an outlet to talk and an immediate lift. Aim for enjoyable moments and find joy in life’s small pleasures.

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