Flag Flap: Desecration or Free Speech?

(WJAC) A Duncansville, Pennsylvania man says he was standing up for his American Indian heritage and expressing his beliefs when he hung an American flag upside down and spray painted it earlier this week, but police said what he did was inexcusable.

The flag isn’t hanging on Joshua Brubaker’s home anymore, but Allegheny Township Police have released a picture that showed the flag hanging upside down, with the word AIM sprayed in white across it.

Police took it down saying he desecrated it, but Brubaker says he meant no offense and was simply standing up for his heritage.

“If I don’t have a right to fly that flag upside down, which means a sign of distress, which this country is in so much distress right now, then what’s the point of having it?” Brubaker said.

Allegheny Township Assistant Police Chief L.J. Berg said he received complaints about the flag from others in the area.

“I was offended by it when I first saw it,” Berg said. “I had an individual stop here at the station, a female who was in the military, and she was very offended by it.” So police took it down and charged Brubaker with desecration and insults to the American flag.

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