Cell phone captures woman slapping infant

BEAUMONT, Texas (KBMT) – This cell phone video is just two minutes long, but a 15 second portion of it will take your breath away.

A mother slapping her child, cursing at the infant and saying shut up several times. Once she picks the child up, you can tell the baby can’t be more than a year old.

“I heard the baby crying. When I opened my door it was kind of loud for me to hear with my door closed,” said the man who took the video who we’ll call Hakim.

As a father with four children he was stunned.

“That’s what made my heart fall. That was just too hard. That baby wasn’t even, I don’t think the baby was even 6 months,” said Hakim.

Hakim says he called police.

“In five minutes they were gone. No one asked to look at the video,” said Hakim.

Not knowing what else to do, he posted the video to Facebook. By the time we spoke with Hakim, the Department of Family and Protective Services had learned of the video.

We went to the home where the abuse took place. A man answered the door.

After showing him the footage, he says he was unaware of the abuse and the video shows his truck was not in the driveway, he was gone at the time.

The homeowner says the woman is an acquaintance who is down on her luck; he bought her baby supplies and let her stay the night.

When we met with him, she had already been picked up by a relative. Now authorities are searching for the woman, fearing this was not the first, nor the last time the baby has been hit.

“I’m hoping to save the baby’s life. Because like I said it’s just a sad things to see,” said Hakim.

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