VA investigation intensifies

(NBC News) – There’s fresh outrage this morning, about allegations veterans may have died waiting for care while Veteran Affairs employees manipulated patient schedules to hide long wait times.

Adding to the scandal, a memo obtained by NBC News suggests top VA officials had been warned about a scheduling problem last year.

Secretary Eric Shinseki had been developing a reputation for trying to expand patient care, but as the number dangerous scheduling practices are uncovered frustration around the country increases.

There’s growing outrage this morning over reports of poor or delayed care at the hands of the Veterans Affairs health care system.

In Phoenix, Arizona a packed and teary American legion meeting, dozens of veterans and their loved one shared their personal traumas. “I could not get through I could not get a line,” said one Veteran.

“Well I was never really seen,” said another.

“Six months 10 months out that I can’t see a doctor,” said a Veteran.

The VA is auditing all of its medical facilities after whistleblowers claimed employees were manipulating patient schedules to hide long wait times which may have contributed to patient deaths.

“I think every American should be outraged about how our veterans are being treated American Legion National Commander, Daniel Dellinger.

An internal memo from March 2013 obtained by NBC shows top VA officials learned of the problem well before the current allegations, and had been quietly trying to fix it.

Now the American Legion and some lawmakers are calling for VA Secretary Eric Shinseki to resign.

“The question to the Secretary is, did he know? And if not – if he did not know what was in a GAO report or Inspector General’s report, why not?” asked Senator Jerry Moran, (R) Kansas.

The White House says President Obama is confident Shinseki will take the right action in response to this scandal.

Secretary Shinseki will testify before congress tomorrow.

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