Restaurants give discounts for good children

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Some restaurants are coming up with creative new ways to reward customers with a well behaved family. 22News is working for you to see what local eateries think about the idea.

Imagine you have young kids and you are taking them out to eat. Sometimes it can be a risky gamble on whether they stay quiet and sit still.

Then, imagine getting your bill at the end of the meal and being given a discount for your well-behaved children.

That’s exactly what happened to families at a restaurant in Calgary, Canada. They were given $5 off their check total.

22News visited Sylvester’s Restaurant in Northampton on Wednesday. They serve many families and told 22News while they don’t offer a discount for well-behaved kids; they welcome them and understand why some restaurants are doing this.

“Especially for restaurants that are more fine-dining. People who are expecting to have a quiet sit down meal. I do find that when I was younger I didn’t go out a lot with my parents and it’s becoming more of a trend,” said manager Jillian Duclos.

She told 22News parents are usually good about taking their kids who are a little antsy outside.

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