CT mom arraigned for taking children

BANGOR, MN (NBC NEWS) – A Connecticut mother who fled with her children to Maine was in court Wednesday.

Jackie Morris appeared via video arraignment Wednesday afternoon from the Penobscot County Jail where she is being held.

Morris told the judge that she was just a mom and that the charges against here were “not right.” her attorney said Morris believes this is a misunderstanding.

According to police, Morris was supposed to take her three boys home to their father in Connecticut after a Mother’s Day visit on Sunday, but instead they headed to Bangor.

The boys’ father, Jason Lewis, says they’re doing just fine. “They were playing with their ball and they had smiles on their face and I don’t think their mother harmed them at all its just she has a little mental health history and I don’t think she realized and take the time to consider, She wasn’t picking up her phone and all this and that but they were all smiles and glad to see me and happy to come home too.”

Police issued a statewide Amber Alert for Morris’s three children, 9-year-old Ryan Lewis, and Dylan and Brandan Lewis, who are both 7, after the father alerted authorities earlier this week.

Officials said Morris has ties to Connecticut, Massachusetts and Maine, which led to a regional search.

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