9-year-old boy presents legislation to save sharks

BOSTON (WWLP) – Millions of sharks are killed for their fins every year. A 9-year old boy spoke to lawmakers about his legislation to protect some endangered species Wednesday.

9-year old Sean Lesniak proposed his own piece of legislation to ban the practice of shark-finning, and how it all came about may surprise you.

“I started watching Shark Week and I started getting very interested in them and I found out that they were getting finned and I wanted to do something about it.” said Lesniak.

The shark fin is the most valuable part of the fish, and usually ends up in shark fin soup, a Chinese delicacy. Fishermen from all over the world slice off the fin while the shark is still alive, killing millions of sharks every year, and impacting the ocean’s eco-systeem.

Sean brought stuffed sharks for lawmakers in hopes that they will help him protect his favorite animal.

Senator Jason Lewis, a sponsor of the bill, told 22News, “What this legislation would do is, very simply, is just ban the import, the sale, the trade or the possession of shark fins.”

The bill is currently in the House Ways and Means Committee. Senator Lewis and Sean hope that the bill will be passed this legislative year.

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