Chicopee woman charged with “Unlawful Wire Tap”

Karen Lynn Dziewit (Springfield Police Dept.)

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Springfield Police Department has released more information on the woman charged with illegal wiretapping this weekend.

Officers tried to calm down 24-year-old Karen Dziewit of Chicopee, who was arguing loudly with two men early Sunday.

According to Springfield Police Sgt John Delaney, Dziewit was loud, drunk, yelling at the officers and acting very aggressively.

The two men with Dziewit told police that they were driving home from a bar in West Springfield when she continued to argue and yell. Sgt. Delaney said the driver pulled over and attempted to kick Dziewit out of the car. Dziewit refused and started to punch the driver.

While getting arrested, Dziewit yelled at the officers, “I’ve been recording you this whole time, my phone is in my purse, see you in court.”

Karen Lynn Dziewit was charged with Disorderly Conduct, Unlawful Wire Tap, and Open Container; she had an open bottle of “Five O’clock” vodka.

Sgt. Delaney said Dziewit refused to answer any questions when she was at booking and looked drunk. Her phone was taken away, pending this investigation.

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