Top outdoor activities for getting in shape

(CNN) – Summer is just around the corner, and with warm temperatures, more people will be exercising outside to lose a few pounds to get into that swimsuit. Which outdoor activities burn the most calories?

Hello sunshine. It’s about time. Let’s get off the couch, go outside and get moving.

Swimming, biking, even walking can burn lots of calories. Combining your workout with calorie cutting, and better eating, can help you take off a few pounds. But, the best way to keep the weight off is regular exercise. Which ones are the best?

According to the Centers for Disease Control, these are the top five actives that burn off the fat.

For every half hour:

  • Running at 5 miles per hour pace can burn 295 calories
  • Cycling  at 10 miles per hour – 295 calories
  • Freestyle, casual swimming  – 255 calories
  • Walking at a 4.5 mile per hour pace burns 230 calories
  • And hiking can take off 185 calories every half hour.

And don’t forget the outdoor chores; heavy yard work can burn 220 calories per half hour.  So get up, put on those shoes and get out.

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