Intense and unusual weather impacting much of the country

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The weather has been pretty intense all across the country. Around here, not too many people are complaining.

Two months ago we were still tracking snow, now our warmest day of the year so far. Not exactly the type of weather you’d expect for the middle of May.

“Rain or a little colder. But this is good. I love this. Good tanning weather and everything,” said Lillian Rodriguez from Springfield.

This spring warmth has finally brought leaves back to our trees, and made outdoor exercise more enjoyable. Temperatures this time of year are supposed to be in the upper 60s here in western Massachusetts, not the mid 80s and we’re not the only ones dealing with interesting weather.

In Colorado, there’s snow. Some areas just outside Denver picked up more than half a foot of it. As much as four inches of it fell in Fort Collins, Colorado where this man’s daughter lives.

“I was talking to her yesterday and she was telling me they had snow and I was calling this morning and she was telling me the ground’s all white, the roads too. It was just unbelievable,” said Adolph Pipczynski from Hadley.

Over the past few days, other parts of the country were dealing with tornadoes, like in Missouri and Kansas. Tornadoes aren’t uncommon this time of year, May typically has the most tornadoes of any month.

In Texas, wildfires continued to burn due to dry conditions and strong wind.

So what’s causing this strange weather? A slow moving storm system in the middle of the country is dragging down cold air behind it, but ahead of it warm air has surged north bringing our big warmup.

However, the warm air won’t last much longer.

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