I-Team: I-91 survey results

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Over the last few weeks, the 22News I-Team has given you an inside look at how the state is preparing for construction of the I-91 viaduct and now we have a look at a survey conducted.

The I-Team is getting an exclusive inside look at information the state is using to determine how to handle the traffic and parking issues that will inevitably come from the construction of I-91 in Springfield.

3,000 people in western Mass. were given a survey that Transportation Secretary Richard Davey said helps them figure out what they need to plan for.

“Certainly, it’ll help us figure out the exact time of day we should be taking lanes or doing meaningful construction, if there’s mitigation that we can provide, perhaps working with PVTA for example to run additional bus service,” Davey said.

Preliminary results of the 3,000 people surveyed indicate 93% of them use I-91, 291, East Columbus Avenue, or Hall of Fame Avenue, during their day. 96% of people drive alone instead of carpooling.

Neil Boudreau, the projects Director of Traffic and Safety told the I-Team one way they’ll try to control the number of cars using the highway during construction is keep people from getting on the highway to go short distances.

“A third is actually downtown local traffic, sometimes it’s just people getting up on the highway and down just to get mobility within the city. So we are going to use that third as how can we move them to another location. If they don’t have to get up on the interstate can we make it more convenient for them to use the downtown streets,” Boudreau said.

There were also questions involving travel time and parking that the state hasn’t released results for yet. More results will available at a design meeting in Springfield on May 20th.


Click on the images below to look at the questions on the survey:

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