Postal Service food donations sent to nonprofit organizations

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – 22News took our cameras Saturday to follow the next steps in the food delivery chain after a food drive early Saturday morning, where letter carriers collected food from residents to help those in hunger.

The loading bays of the Main Street Post Office in Springfield would, on any other day, be bustling with postal delivery trucks. However, on Saturday, they loaded up with food for non-profits.

Once the mail trucks arrived, they offloaded the food only to be reloaded onto the trucks of local nonprofits like the Springfield Rescue Mission, the Open Pantry, the Salvation Army, and the Grey House.

Matt Herring, an outreach Chaplin, told 22News, “Thank you so much for you generosity. I just wish the people donated would be able to see the faces of the people who are going to receive this.”

The Postal Service delivered more than 300,000 of these postcards to residents, reminding them to fill a bag and feed a family. All of the food donations go to help people here in the Pioneer Valley.

Vincent Siniscalchi, Food Drive Coordinator, told 22News, “You can see the generosity we got back here. People don’t just give one or two items. They usually stuff a whole bag and leave it on the doorstep. It’s great.”

The food fills the shelves of 22 pantries across western Massachusetts.

“This is one of the biggest canned food drives that we participate in. We usually get about 7,000 pounds of food which is huge for us. It helps us to keep going so we don’t have to close our doors,” said Danielle Lataille, Social Services Director.

Last year 155,000 pounds of food was delivered to people in need across Western Mass. Over the last 22 years, about 1.3 billion pounds has been collected. It’s a drive that’s held every year on the second Saturday in May.

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