Umass graduates now try to land a jobs

Courtesy MGNOnline

AMHERST, Mass (WWLP) – Getting your diploma after years of studying and test taking is a big payoff.  For many, it’s a day filled the optimism of a future career.  But the reality is its a bleak job outlook for graduates.

People 25 and under without a job are known as the disconnected youth. It effects one in every 10 college students and 1 in every five high school students.

Still, many UMass graduates already have jobs and Harshal Vandya a graduate of computer science told 22News they feel well prepared. “I already started working at Amazon Seattle. I think if you are in computer science, and you are graduating from UMass, I think your chances of landing a very good job are pretty high.”

The unemployment rate for college grads was just under 11% in 2013. Lower than 2012, but not as low as before the recession in 2007 when it was 7.7%.

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