Soccer match for disabled veterans

BELLINGHAM, Mass. (WJAR) Take two high school students add the world’s most popular sport and a lot of ingenuity and you get the start of a really good time for some veterans in Massachusetts.

It’s called wheelchair, or power chair if you prefer, soccer.

And thanks to a couple of Massachusetts high school students some local veterans got a chance to compete in the game this week.

As part of their sports management class Bellingham high school students Derek Robbie and Dan Schmith organized the match.

Robbie says he was a little surprised about how popular the match would be.

“You really just have to be patient with people and don’t worry to ask people for help because everyone is willing to help if you have a good reason,” Robbie said.

Schmith admits wheelchair soccer wasn’t their first idea.

“When we came across a need for wheelchair soccer rather than wheelchair basketball, we decided it was a great sport to spread awareness on,” Schmith.

The sport is gaining popularity and thanks to time spent organizing by the students and support from their teacher and school the veterans got a kick out of the competition.

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