Mass Health Connector costing taxpayer millions


BOSTON, Mass (WWLP) – Massachusetts provided the blueprint for the Affordable Care Act, which prompted the state to rebuild its healthcare website.  The trouble-filled process is costing taxpayer hundreds of millions of dollars.

Massachusetts already had a fully-functioning health insurance website. Then the state expected to spend about 170-million dollars to make Massachusetts compliant with the Affordable Care Act.

People had a lot of trouble after the new website launched back in October and now the state plans to spend $121 million more dollars in repairs.

Jean Yang Exec. Director for the Mass Health Connector told 22News “A lot of it is I.T. development. There’s also licensing expenses associated with the off-the-shelf solution, but it’s mostly I.T. integration.”

The plan is to update the website with two systems in case one doesn’t work.  One is through the federal website and the other is new software already being used in other states.

The goal is to have the state website up and running by the next open enrollment period on November 15th. They hope to have a fully-functioning website by 2015.

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