Honoring Mother’s Day After Your Mom’ s Death

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – We all know how to buy Mom a gift and a card to celebrate Mother’s Day. But what do we do when we lose our mom, and face Mother’s Day without the one who gave us life? Dr. Rob Robinson, Clinical Director of Family Care Counseling Associates in Wilbraham, shared tips to help make this day easier.

Honoring Mother’s Day After Your Mom’ s Death

1. Making some of the favorite foods that your Mom made for you and considering sharing them with your children or friends in honor of your mother.

2. Another ritual might include planting flowers or a tree in honor of your mother. The tree or flowers can also become a symbol to help honor your mom and this ritual can be practiced in many different ways and over a period of time to create a garden or special location in your yard to honor your mother.

3. Finally, there may be someone in your life who served as a mother-figure and touched your life in some special way. By writing a gratitude letter and reading it to this person you can practice a meaningful ritual that can help honor someone special in your life in the absence of your mother.

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