Greenfield police busy with heroin arrests

Photo Courtesy: MGNonline

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Wednesday night the drug task force raided a Greenfield apartment and arrested five people for possession of heroin. And a little after midnight this morning, police arrested a man on Colrain road, and charged him with heroin trafficking.

What seemed to be a routine traffic stop by Greenfield police turned into much more. Police arrested Antonio Rivera of Westfield Friday morning after the driver was pulled over for running a stop sign. Police found reasons to search the vehicle and found 967 bags of heroin in a bag that they say, belonged to Rivera.

Greenfield police department did not hire extra officers to patrol the streets. Instead, Chief Robert Haigh told 22News current officers are encouraged to be more vigilante than usual. “The more you’re out there doing your job and doing it well, the more you’re going to come across this type of activity. A routine traffic stop yielding that type of heroin is fantastic and it’s just what can be done by one traffic stop.”

Despite continuing efforts by law enforcement, some residents feel the drug problem is a health crisis in need of much more attention. Kathleen Washut said, “Our health care system is so broken and our treatment programs are just not addressed properly. And all the problems with prescription drugs which is leading to all of the heroin back on the market.”

There have been more than 10 drug overdoses so far this year in Franklin County. Chief Robert Haigh expects the Greenfield Police Department to have access to the overdose drug, Narcan within the next month. It’s the next step in reducing the impact of drugs in the area.

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