Arrests made in heroin raid on Greenfield apartment

From upper left to lower right: Brandon Dickinson, Tammy Marie Newell, Timothy Scott, Shylean Annamarie Sears, Nikita M.W. Sheridan. Images courtesy: Greenfield Police Department

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Heroin, prescription painkillers, and rounds of ammunition were found by Greenfield police during a search of an apartment that led to the arrests of five people Wednesday, the department says.

Greenfield police posted on their official Facebook account that they received a warrant to search Timothy Scott’s 92A Chapman Street apartment, following a long investigation in connection with the Northwestern DA’s office.

Officers went inside the apartment around 2:30 Wednesday afternoon, where police say they found “numerous people seated on the floor with heroin and related items in the middle of them.” They also found hypodermic needles, bloody tissues, 10 packages of what is believed to be heroin, several empty heroin packets, and suboxone pills. Twelve rounds of 9mm handgun ammunition was also found.

Scott was arrested on charges of possession of a class A substance (heroin), being present where heroin is kept, and possession of ammunition without an FID card.

The four others arrested were:

  • Brandon L. Dickinson, 29, of Greenfield
  • Nikita M.W. Sheridan, 27, of Greenfield
  • Shylean Annamarie Sears, 30, of Turners Falls
  • Tammy Marie Newell, 46, of Greenfield

Dickinson is being charged with possession of a class A substance (heroin)- subsequent offense, and possession of a class B substance (suboxone). The other three are charged with a single count of being present where heroin is kept.

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