Spring has been wetter than normal so far

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Last year in April and early May we were experiencing abnormally dry conditions. Farmers had to irrigate and set up sprinklers to water their fields. This year things have been much better.

“This year’s a good year it’s working out good so far, not too much rain. Usually we have sprinkler hoses out already and we haven’t had to do that yet so hopefully it keeps up the way it is,” said Bob Johnson of Johnson Farm in Deerfield.

Last April we picked up 2.29″ of rain which was below normal, this April we were well above normal with 5.18″ of rain. All the rain did lead to some spring flooding.

The water level of the Connecticut River is a lot lower than it was just a few weeks ago. You can see some of the islands again near the Holyoke Dam and fishermen are able to get into the water to do some fishing.

The wet weather may have been an inconvenience but it’s also preventing us from experiencing drought conditions.

“Yeah it has but every few years that’s what we get and then we get a dry season, I learn to love it here though,” said Patricia Benoit of Holyoke.

All those showers back in April are making for some very nice May flowers. Last year even though April was drier than normal it ended up being a very wet May with over 6″ inches of rain.

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