Amazon adds Sunday delivery

NEW YORK (CNN) – Sunday has always been the day of rest for the postman, not anymore.  Amazon and the United States Postal Service are teaming up to offer delivery 7-days a week.

The two have been testing it out in New York and Los Angeles since last fall.

But now, they’re adding 15 cities from Philadelphia to Columbus, Ohio, Dallas, Texas and several places in between.

Amazon says more cities could be added later this year and yes, Sunday shipping is the same price as every other day of the week.

Neither the USPS or Amazon have disclosed terms of the deal, but it’s likely a win-win for both companies.

For amazons, it could help to attract new customers because it’s one of the only places that offers Sunday delivery and for the post office, it could bring in some much-needed cash.

The agency has been in a financial bind for several years now.

That’s mostly because fewer people send letters, and it has to spend billions making pre-payments to a health care benefit fund.

No doubt shipping giants FedEx and UPS are watching closely.

If this goes mainstream, this could shake up the industry.

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